Monday, December 3, 2012

First and last time

I feel so good now! Wow, it was so tired working as dine washer as a part-time job. My back and waist felt so painful and tired after working. Dine washer isn't a good job to do. THAT'S THE TRUTH! Haha. We always listen to our parents says that :" You have to study harder and harder, so that your life will be a lot easier in the future." We always think it will never happen on ourselves but sometimes it happen. What if we do not have any degree certificates or skills in the future? What if you have to use money for urgent? What if everything went bad? What if you have no money? You will have no choice but only work for some tough work. Life is always unpredictable and you never know what will happen on the next second.

I kept staring at the clock and wondering how long that I have to work more and I can go home and rest. It was so suffering and feeling so bad. But anyways, I experienced it in my life. It was the first and last time. I still remembered the last day of my work as a dine washer. They employed an uncle who is about 45 years old to replace my job. I feel so bad that he have to work as a dine washer. It is so terrible tired. How can an old uncle tahan this? ><"  We have a quite long conversation while I teaching him how to wash the dishes in the restaurant. He has a daughter and study actuarial science in University of Waterloo. I thought that this kind of story will only happen in fairy tale or story but it is happening now. Owh, such a tough life for his father to earn money. Pity him. TwT

I have to study hard to find a high-paid job in Canada or Singapore!!! At least I know what is life and what i gonna do for my future.

:D Life is good, isn't it?