Thursday, November 29, 2012

World End 2012

I was sitting in the bus and kept thinking if the world end rumor will be happening or not. So, maybe I will just write a story about the day, December 21 world End 2012.

I closed my eyes and started enjoying the memories I had in my mind. I'm 18 now, yeah, officially 18 years old without any lies to anyone. I can have my own credit card, signed a 3 years phone plan, my documents by myself without any restrictions... But it is way too short for me to enjoy this kind of benefits. I want it to be longer and longer and longer until I feel that it is bored for me. I want to be 19 next year and go clubbing in Canada. It seems like it is an impossible tasks for me. But anyways, I appreciate what I have now. Life is simple but the luxury desire always kill us.

18 years of life in this earth. It is not considered as too short or long but I have too many dreams to chase that I couldn't complete it now. I will so regret that I haven't earn enough money and return it to my parents. I will regret that I haven't found my love and beloved. I will so regret that I haven't achieve my actuarial science degree program. I will so regret that I haven't go back to Malaysia and reunion with my family and friends. I HAVE TOO MANY THINGS TO BE DONE IN THE WORLD, HOPE THAT THE WORLD END IS JUST A FAKE!

I love myself so much and start chasing my dream by planning it and doing it. I dunwan die young :-(
I love you, all of my family and friends :-)

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