Monday, March 12, 2012


This is the first game that i play on my Macbook. This game is really nice because you will not expect what is the ending. We are always thinking about what will be our life in the future when we open our eyes in the morning. There will be a lot of stuffs and problems that we have to face and solve. Are you tired of all of the things? Do you ever think you will give up in the halfway and keep sitting and do nothing on there? 








Keep trying after you failed. You will discovered that the life is meaningful.
Think about it - What are the reasons that make your life so different?

PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY!!! This is the menu when i finish the game. Do you see the place the the flies are?

This is the ending of the game. After playing of the difficult stages, "he" found the girl who still waiting her at his home.

What is the definition of true love?

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