Sunday, February 26, 2012


Nokia N8 :D And cute stichhhhh!! :D
WOOHOOOO! March is coming soon. That means my summer break is coming soon too.. hehe. Actually i'm enjoying my life in Canada (sometimes.. =w=) but I miss everyone in Malaysia so much.  I like my life here but it's kind of different feeling that are hard to explain, complicated and so weird. Aikz. What will be will be. Life is simple. But i always messed up everything and make myself confusing. I need some time to rearrange my life but it seems like impossible. I face to the laptop and do nothing everyday. So, how could I have a healthy life and use my time wisely?! :D And the another thing is I tried to join a lot of events as many as I can because I dunwan to get sick. Then i will not have any time to think too much and emo. SUFFERING! ADUHHHHH... Everyone found their partner in school and i still alone. I dunno what can i do because something is blocking my mind and helpless.. What can i do? T T

The food is really nice <3

Relay for life :D

So beautiful... Raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

How about the Stich wears my Beats? Kawaiii~

The first time i ate Dim Sum in Canada. 

No doubt, I come from kampung. hahaha

MCD, I loving it. But there is no chili..!!! Im suffering..

Part of Hamilton downtown view. 
Thx for Nithya's mum chicken curry.. so delicious!

My chinese handwriting still so nice 
Everyone is hugging each other in the cold. :D

My drawing~

Handprint :P


The first time slept in the gym room.. -w-  Macam satay~

I did a badge for me. 

Cup tower!

Hotpot in Canada~ So hungryyyyyyy!